Mobile equipment identity is a type of protective system that helps identify and distinguish a device from other mobile gadgets. The name International mobile equipment identity number (IMEI) refers to the unique 15-digit number that every mobile device has. Manufacturers and carriers use this number to track the whereabouts of stolen or compromised smartphones. The IMEI code ensures that only authorized individuals can access the data stored within it. Many entities resort to using this technology to safeguard their professional and personal data.


So, where are the IMEI numbers used? How is it important for an individual with a mobile phone?

Every device that's made and sold by a phone manufacturer has a unique code known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This is used to ensure that the phone is always associated with the manufacturer. To maintain a constant link between the device and the satellites that track its location, phone operators combine the code with signal transmitters.

Through a signal center, the device can send data packages to the operator. These data packages are then sent to the satellites that are orbiting Earth. These satellites then perform various operations such as trilateration and triangulation to position the device on a global map.

The entire process of tracking a device is dependent on a simple equation that everyone knows. After the device transmits data, the satellites run various calculations to determine the device's position.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a vital part of the device's authentication and security. It allows the operator to grant administrative privileges to the user. Although it doesn't come with a lot of technical capabilities, it is considered an integral part of the device's chain of operations. This is why it's called "IMEI tracking."

1) With the help of IMEI trackers, users can easily access and track their device's location by entering its unique ID number. Numerous websites offer this feature for free. These sites can also help in finding lost or stolen mobile devices. This process can be done through a combination of methods that are designed to allow you to locate the phone.

2) The IMEI trackers can be used to locate the device without the help of its telecom operator. It can also help avoid various technical issues. One of the most important advantages of this process is that it only requires the device's owner to provide the device’s unique number.

3) Besides blocking the transmission of the signal, phone operators can also prevent unauthorized access to the data of their customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is by implementing a black list, which will prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the data of their customers.


1) People who are in the middle of an armed robbery or just want to keep track of their missing or stolen mobile device can use online IMEI tracking tools. These tools help individuals recover their devices.

2) Parents can install IMEI tracker apps on their kid’s mobile gadgets to track their location when away from home. This will help parents ensure the safety of their kids.

3) The legal authorities can use this unique identification number to track individuals who work against the law of the nation. These authorities work alongside the telecom operators to track IMEI numbers of individuals or institutions under scrutiny.


1) Numerous websites help you track IMEI numbers of devices. You could easily access the website by going to the address bar and entering the details of your device. With a couple of simple steps, you can easily find the location of your mobile device. Aside from this, it's also important to note the device's IMEI to prevent losing time. Having the necessary tools and actions to recover your mobile device can help increase the chances of finding it.

2) Tracking phones with the help of IMEI tracker apps. The users can track their lost phones using these apps with the help of these apps. This does not require the involvement of the telecom operators. The phone needs to have a prior IMEI tracker app installed for this to be applicable.

3) Many mobile manufacturers are incorporating the facility to track mobile phones in the system software. All you need to do is while setting up the device, you need to turn on the track my phone option and this will help you track your lost phone easily. All you need to do is log in to the cloud server and enter the IMEI number to track your phone.

4) Tracking phones through database searches: The information about the phone, its make, model, and its unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) are entered in a database, which is maintained by a reporting agency, which then checks the suspicious mobiles against the list of stolen and found devices. When the device is recovered, the owner of the device is notified, and this information is provided to the security professionals.

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